If building your personal brand or business on Instagram is a priority right now, then building a community on Instagram should be paramount. If you’re wondering how to build your Instagram community then you’re in luck. In this blog I’m going to teach you one of my favorite strategies to deploy to grow my Instagram community.

While I spend my time on Instagram managing my client accounts, I’m always finding myself in the middle of brand new updates and features that are still somewhat hidden from the typical app user. I often quickly adapt and integrate these new features into my community building strategies if they have a certain level of ease of use, and can be utilized in a way to help create meaningful connections and add further value to the brand/community relationship. Building a community on Instagram is a labor of love.

While I must admit I was slow to the trigger on getting this Instagram community building hack out, I can still bet on the probability that this one is still flying under the radar (if you’re in the know, I salute you!).


  1. Now once you’ve made your post and depending on the popularity of it, you could be checking out this spot in as little as 20 min after you’ve uploaded it. This feature is also a GOLDMINE when you upload shareable content like quotes or infographics.

2. Where you will need to go is the three black dots at the top right hand side of the photo. 

3. Once you click that you will have a pop up menu that appears.

4. If your post has triggered this feature by someone sharing your post then you will see a tab that says “VIEW STORY RESHARES” under “DELETE”

5. If you are able to see that then go ahead and tap it so that it takes you to the next page, from there you will see all the times someone has shared your posts into their stories. When you tap on each individual post, you can go a little further to now send them a quick message thanking them for the share.

Alternately I also like to “like” a couple of their photos and leave them a comment. If you don’t see “VIEW STORY RESHARES” that just means that no one has shared it into their stories (except for yourself most likely to promote your new post). Just check back afterwards, and keep your eyes peeled on that spot for future community building opportunities! 

Generally if they’ve shared your post that tells you that they enjoyed your content enough to “take action” and share it. This is a big indicator for Instagram that your content is engaging and more so when you take the next step to interact with them in the DM’s (instagram’s engagement hot spot).


The DM box is a big marker for determining your contribution to yours and Instagram’s community. Hence why we’ve seen the addition of their Threads Messenger App, their constant DM box updates and why we’ll possibly see further integrations like sending money via the app or other lifestyle integrations such as the messenger bots we’re seeing on FB for the enhancement of customer service and automation. When you’re wondering how to build your Instagram community, using the DM’s to connect (not sell) is an easy way to humanize and personalize the experience on the app.

Whether you’re a new brand wanting to put your best foot forward and show off your social savvy, or you’re building your own passion project; building a community should always be at the forefront of your mind. Learning how to incorporate your own personalized touch with these tools to connect with your audience will have you well on your way to standing out in your niche.



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