I know a lot of you have since switched over to the Instagram business page. They entice you with a lot of extra great tools, like analytics that allow you to get a deeper understanding of the activity on your Instagram profile. You get to see your demographics, which countries your audience is from, etc. You can boost your post on there and do advertising straight from the app. Sounds like a pretty great setup, right?! This sounds all too familiar though…as we all know, Instagram is also owned by Facebook, and this is something that Facebook did too with their Facebook Business and Fan pages. They introduced them, allowed you to grow a great big audience on there, gave you a lot of great tools and insights, and then, of course, the engagement started shrinking and shrinking, and they cited, “Not enough room on the timeline real estate”. Then they started to charge you to reach your audience. Suddenly, it wasn’t so cool anymore. All the work and effort you put into growing your audience on your Facebook page turned out to be a wash.


The same thing has happened with many Business profiles on Instagram. Already with the algorithm the way it is, it’s a lot harder for your content to reach your audience. You have to make sure you’re doing consistent posts. You have to make sure you’re providing quality content. You have to make sure you’re building a community and getting involved with those people on your page. But even then it can still be hard to break through. So what does one do? Play ball and spend more money boosting posts, dropping more money into advertising? If you’re on a tight budget trying to keep up can wear out your CC.  It’s not your fault, you just have to get rid of the iron grip they have on you.


I want you to consider for a moment. If you’re an online based business and you are not a brick and mortar company change that back to a personal profile. This is something that, after a lot of research and with changing my own Instagram page back to a personal profile, I’ve seen a dramatic increase in post engagement and new followers on my Instagram profile since switching back. It’s not that all the analytics are lost. You can use third-party apps like Iconosquare to access this and still watch the activity on your page to get to know what kind of content is performing better. The one feature I did enjoy that was lost was the new link addition in stories for profile 10K and over. But there are other ways around that.


Ask yourself if you really need the integrated call, email and directions feature that the Instagram Business page gives you. You can still list a phone number and or email in the profile bio (Get yourself an anonymous phone number through Google Voice). Plus they can still slip into your DM’s. Is it really worth hurting your reach on Instagram?


It’s worth the shot to strongly consider making the switch. You may not see the improvement overnight but many accounts have seen success in switching back to a personal profile. Try it out and see for yourself. If you’re still not getting the results you want with your Instagram Biz, feel free to reach out for a consult.