One of my favorite, most neglected practices on Facebook … If you are a brand or business, and you’re trying to get more eyes on your page and engage with people that are in your niche, what you want to do is log into your Facebook business page or fan page, find those other Facebook Fan Page or Business Pages in your niche.

Now, if you’re a fitness competitor, that can mean magazines, that can mean supplement companies.

Or, if you want to pursue more speaking engagements, find the news stations, the radio stations, go and like their page as your professional page, not as your personal page.

How are you going to do that?

The easiest way, get on your desktop, go find them, whether it’s Muscle Insider, Oxygen Magazine, or supplement companies, and what you’re going to do, you’re going to look at the top part of the screen right by the cover photo and on the bottom there it’s going to say like, follow, and there’s going to be another little tab that has three dots.

You’re going to tap that.

You’re going to get a drop-down menu, and you’re going to see an option that says, “like as my page.”

You’re going to select that, and now you’re going to get another drop-down menu, and it’s going to give you the option to select which Facebook page or fan page that you want to follow it with.

Use your fan page, use your business page, whether it’s Mark Fitness Professional.

Go ahead and like that page as your fan page, as your business page.

Now, when you see the content from that Facebook Business or Fan Page, you can now comment on their post and engage with the people that are commenting on their posts and like their comments as YOUR Facebook Fan Page or Business Page!

Get involved in the conversation.

Get those eyes on you as a professional, as a brand, as a business, and start drawing them to your page.

Don’t be spammy.

Don’t start posting links and posting your page, but get involved, build that community.

Show them that you’re there engaging on their content. Share their content on your page. Sharing is caring!

This is one of my tried and true techniques for building a voice and community around your brand that not only helps you establish your expertise but brings more eyes back onto your page.