The Evolution of Business on Social Media

As the way social media platforms and how we use them evolve; it becomes harder to ignore just how much social media plays a part in our day to day lives. I’ve spent over ten years working in social media; I’ve watched it grow, and forever shift how we communicate, see ourselves, and the world. They’re changes you don’t notice right away, but the changes are there guiding us along like mice through the maze towards our “piece of cheese”.

You know what also ushered in some changes? This whole Covid and Quarantine. It left it’s mark on how we do business going forward. The online world isn’t any different. I’m not going to get into the obvious changes like zoom meetings being the standard, or tuning into an Instagram Live for your daily dose of fitness. I’m talking about changes that operate on a more human level, and some that dare us to dig into the creative side of the brain thats been in a digital slumber. Innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness will be your mediums to work with, what will you create? 

Now or Never?

Still not on the bandwagon? If you’re looking for the sign that social media isn’t going anywhere, this is it. Please stop looking and embrace it now, at least for your businesses’ sake. You don’t have to buy into the digital reality, you just have to master using it as the tool that it is. If you can try something out of the box with your marketing for your business, absolutely try it out. If it’s time you finally figure out how to schedule some posts for your Facebook Business Page, pull out your laptop.

Oh, and by the way, if you think you have to spend hours figuring out a top paying niche, or worrying if your market is saturated please do yourself a huge favor; remind yourself that is NOT AN ABUNDANCE MINDSET. That shit don’t fly in my house. Not while you’re here reading this blog. So with that being said, I would like to highlight some trends that you will be seeing like damn phoenixes’ out of the flames as we navigate social media, finding our footing and rooting ourselves as we start a new chapter.

Post-Quarantine Trends


Like your favorite mix-in-combo at the ice cream shop, theres a lot of opportunities for out of the box thinking for collaborating. For example, what other brands or businesses could you make a mutually beneficial collab with? What creative add or promotion can you do? We’ve seen this in the food industry, mattress industry, and even auto industry. I’m excited to see the small business owner take on this.


With a shift in the collective consciousness we can expect to see more empathetic people, a little more effort towards making amends with Mother Earth, and helping a neighbor. We’ll be seeing more people take the initiative to adopt a cause close to their heart as part of their way to continue to serve their community and give back; while expressing alignment with core values.


With the rise of censorship on popular social media platforms, we’re going to see more people resort to other mediums for their message. Blogging and podcasting/streaming are going to see an uptick. As a small business owner, if having either one of those to compliment your business isn’t an option, then you should definitely look into advertising on one instead.


If the evolution of social media has shown me anything, it’s that the greatest things often are started because someone had the guts to. They just tried. They didn’t listen to the naysayers, and they didn’t give up. In a crowded digital world you have to own your authentic self, and make sure that your voice is heard. You can’t stop after one failed try, or one hundred of them for that matter.  So, with a little creativity you don’t have to answer to gatekeepers. Want your own series? Script it and film it and stick it on YouTube. Want to publish your own book, or create a course and sell it? Ask yourself, what do you want to do and then get out there and fucking do the thing!