We’ve had Mindy managing our social media activities for 3 years now and it has been nothing short of amazing for us! Because of Mindy’s strategic social media management, we have been able to grow our business both locally and across the world. As well, because she is always quick to action requests, we have been able to further develop a close-knit and loyal client “family” and keep our clients connected no matter where they live. What I love most about Mindy’s work is that she helped us reach new customers that we never would have been able to before she came on board. Mindy has become a true asset to our overall marketing plan and we highly recommend her to any business that wants to experience growth in both revenue and branding power.

Darren Mehling, CEO Freak fitness online

Working with Mindy taught me a lot about social media in a very short amount of time. I was able to exponentially grow my business social media exponentially on multiple platforms in a matter of weeks and without the huge cost associated with a marketing company or social media manager. Mindy is easy to work with, flexible, honest and very knowledgable a true Social Media Sensei. Social Empire is an amazing tool for small businesses and I would recommend it to start ups, existing and expanding businesses alike.

Julie Harrish, Chief Idea Officer 6IX Cycle Spin Studio

I was blessed enough to meet Mindy many years ago, at the very start of my fitness career. I remember like it was yesterday, being interviewed by her for a podcast she was doing while I was on a lunch break at work. It was amazing, I felt on top of the world and it was all thanks to her seeing something special in me.

Eventually our working relationship transpired into a meaningful friendship, and over the course of the past few years, she has played a massive role in not just the social media decisions I have made, but fitness career decisions. She has always been a sounding board to me, a sensible one, and to me- the greatest friends are those who are honest and upfront always, which is what she always provided me with- honest advice and professional guidance.

From a professional standpoint, I was honestly confused and overwhelmed by how to play the social media game, and how the heck was I supposed to know how to play it… I could whip you into killer shape, teach you how to eat right, and provide your company with accurate occupational health and safety advise, but for the love of G.. Social Media was a total black hole for me.

Mindy took the time to teach me, hence why I call her my yoda or social media guru. She literally took me under her wing and taught me so many things; ideal times to post, how to create engaging posts, capture your audience’s attention, create posts that speak to your demographics, and so much more.

I am eternally grateful to have her friendship, the fact that she was able to teach me so many things along the way was just a great bonus.

Monique Kabel , Owner Monique kabel fitness and fitness model

Working with Mindy has been really awesome and eye-opening.

I run an online coaching business and it’s so hard to stay up to date with all the social platforms while running my business.

Mindy analyzed my current platforms and gave me customized suggestions for each.

We also went into depth for each platform and she taught me the best ways to increase my following as well as engagement on my posts.

Since working with Mindy I’ve gained an extra 1000 Instagram and Facebook followers and my engagement has increased substantially. I used to only get 2-3 comments on my Instagram posts, now I get anywhere from 20-30 comments on average.

I also learned so much about YouTube…I honestly had no idea! My goal is now to optimize my YouTube channel properly with all her facts and tips. This was something I was so lost about so it feels really good to have the confidence to start building my channel.

Thank you so much Mindy, I look forward in continuing to learn from you.

Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe, founder of coachjvb.com and stronggirls

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